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Prime Laundry - Project Overview

As per a study, it is revealed that the majority of the millennial population today doesn’t wish to invest their valuable time in everyday household chores like washing clothes as they have other important things to attend. They often consider it as a tedious and monotonous job that is immensely time-consuming. Hence, the popularity of on-demand laundry business apps can be easily expounded.

Our Solution

Prime laundry comes with both mobile & web application. User just enters their postcode, automatic address suggestion populates (No need to write address), from which user can select. User can select one or more service from given list , based on which delivery duration is calculated. User selects collection & delivery time which is suitable to them. Online payment and auto deduction after delivery makes easy for admin to carry out process. Not only admin but user can also track process of laundry.


This is hassle free flow is helping client to grow his business and users to enjoy doing easy laundry. Constant update to application is making it grow big and helping it reach to targeted audience.

Regardless of whether you have a striking plan to laundry clothing on-demand applications or need to digitalize your clothing business, Ark Infosoft can help you win. With expertise and skills sharpened by long-term experience, our experts invest wholeheartedly in delivering solutions that engage the development of leading brands.





  • Client: Prime Laundry
  • Location: Australia & Sydney
  • Technologies: Angular , C# , AWS , SQL , Telerick Reports
  • Completed: completed
  • Website:
Web Application Development

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