Empowering Creative Education: The Flagship Design Academy

Umbraco , C# .Net Core , Angular, SQL Server , SignalR , AWS , Bootstrap , Razor Pay

We have developed an online learning platform where students can study online, view courses, learn from different teachers, complete modules with tasks and exams.

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About Project

Flagship Design Academy is an online platform dedicated to nurturing creativity and design skills. With a wide range of courses and expert instructors. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced designer, Flagship Design Academy provides the tools and guidance to help you excel in the field of design. Explore their website to unleash your creative potential and embark on a rewarding journey in the world of design.

Client requirement

01/ Development of a user attractive website

02/ Development of a student application

03/ Development of a teacher application

04/ Development of an admin application

05/ Development of an discussion forum

our solution

The solution provided revolves around the online learning platform built to host the courses. This platform was created keeping students in mind.  

Student can register on system and admin allocates the course requested. Student have access to different modules , each modules can be  taught by different teachers. Modules have tasks and exams, after completion and approval by teacher student can move to next module. Admin , student and teacher all keep track of student's progress. 

The platform is easy to navigate through for students. 

For the admin, we have made it easier for them to manage the data from the backend. They can easily upload content of the courses, manage students, and more. 

Industry: Education & Design Training.
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Students can now study different concepts and modules of architecture online, and acquire the much-needed skills. This will allow students to advance their careers or start their careers in the field of architecture with the right skills and education. Teachers are easily able to communicate with students through in build discussion forum.