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Flutter is a Google-powered mobile app SDK for designing rich and dynamic native interfaces for iOS and Android. By maintaining a single codebase, it provides the finest Cross-Platform App Development. Hot reload and widget libraries are two features that make it easier to create beautiful native apps quickly.

At ARK Infosoft, a leading Flutter Development Company, we produce attractive and functionally-rich mobile apps designed to fulfil your demands. Our Flutter development service offers multi-platform apps with a rich user experience, fluid animations, and high performance.

Our flutter developer works with you from the beginning to the end and afterwards for maintenance. Our decade of experience can help you bring new life into your stagnant projects. Start your project today with the best Flutter development company

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Why Choose Flutter Development from Ark Infosoft


Highly Trained Team

To provide outstanding service, we have a highly qualified team of Flutter developers. We provide a professional project manager to help our clients engage with the team and understand the business requirements so that we can give the finest outcomes possible.


Proven Performance

We have a long history of providing flutter development services worldwide and have a 90% client retention rate.


Flexible Development Process

For the rapid development of high-performing apps, we use a flexible development process. The first step in our development phase is gathering and analyzing requirements to produce a --prototype that will help us build high-fidelity mobile apps.


High-Quality Solutions

Our key focus as a skilled lutter development company is on the quality of development solutions. We ensure that high-quality, innovative solutions are implemented, leading to excellent results.


100% Confidentiality Guaranteed

We have a strong ethical policy throughout the project cycle to protect data and other company information. We trained our employees to follow this policy and safeguard all of our customers' private information.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q 1. For my company, I already have a native app. Is it still possible to use Flutter?

    You can use Flutter without a doubt. And all of this without having to delete the existing app. Flutter code can be integrated into an existing iOS or Android app by developing a library or module. Alternatively, the module can be rendered to run in an existing app using Dart logic.

  • Q 2. Why should I hire ARK Infosoft to work on my next Flutter app?

    Since Google launched the first version of Flutter in 2018, we've been early adopters of the platform, developing apps. Flutter allows for the creation of apps in a short time. We use an agile development methodology that ensures on-time and even better delivery times for our clients; that's why we have over 1500 satisfied clients for whom we have developed apps.

  • Q 3. Why should I develop a Flutter app instead of a native app?

    When you create native apps, they can only run on the platform they were created on, such as Android, iOS, Windows, Tizen, etc. Flutter app development helps to create apps that can run on any platform. Therefore, you can create an app that works on numerous platforms and devices with different screen sizes with a single development effort.

  • Q 4. What does it cost to develop a Flutter application?

    The cost of an app is based on some features or customizations required, Flutter app development timescales, and the experience of the team or company you choose. Depending on these factors, flutter app development can range in price from a few thousand dollars to millions of dollars for an enterprise-wide highly customized software. It is always a good idea to request a quote from the company to compare the various options available in terms of cost and quality.

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