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eCard-Digital Business Card

A digital business card, which will act like a mini website for your business

Create a sleek digital representation of your business for a lasting impression. Instantly share and save digital cards, reducing paper waste, and streamlining networking. Gain valuable analytics to understand your card's performance, enabling strategic business decisions.

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It has many exciting features

Create Your Digital Identity

Empower your business by crafting a stunning digital card that encapsulates your company's essence. Input comprehensive details about your business, showcase your diverse product range, exhibit a captivating gallery, and include essential payment information.

Effortless Sharing

Connect with potential clients and collaborators effortlessly. Share your digital card with just a tap, eliminating the need for physical business cards. Impress contacts with a dynamic and interactive presentation of your business profile.

Save Others' Cards

Simplify your networking experience by saving the digital cards of fellow entrepreneurs and contacts. Access stored cards anytime, ensuring you never miss a potential business opportunity.

Track Engagement:

Stay informed about the impact of your digital card. Track the number of people who have viewed your card, providing valuable insights into your network reach and enhancing your networking strategy.

Features of eCard-Digital Business Card

Our feature-rich application are designed to streamline your workflow

  Click to Call, Email, WhatsApp
 Click to Navigate
  Website & Social Links
 Payment Details
  Product Details, Gallery
  And More...

The digital card application is available in Playstore.

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