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It has many exciting features

Patient Management

Doctor Diary provides a robust platform for managing patient records, accessible through both the web application and the Android application. Effortlessly add, edit, and organize patient information, and conveniently retrieve medical history, treatment details, and contact information whenever and wherever you need it.

Treatment Management

Doctor Diary's web application and Android application allow you to easily track treatments. In the treatment doctor can save a prescription for any particular patient after mentioning the disease, medicine, reports and also share PDF.

Digital Prescription

Doctor Diary enables you to generate digital prescriptions seamlessly. Say goodbye to traditional paper prescriptions and effortlessly prescribe medications, dosages, and instructions. This feature ensures legibility and reduces the chances of errors, regardless of whether you're using the web or mobile version.

Book Appointment

With these feature, Patient can book a doctor’s appointment in advance. Doctors can Confirm or Reject the appointment and reschedule the appointment and send a notification through application.

Add Hospital Time

Doctor can set time slots for bool an appointment and only that slots can book by patient. doctor can also set them holidays that is beneficial for patients

Follow up Date

Patients and doctors can add follow-up dates for appointments with all relevant details, and notifications are sent to everyone through the application.

Why Doctor’s Loves Doctor Diary App

Our feature-rich application are designed to streamline your workflow

Insightful Dashboard
  Organize patient info
Medicine Record Management
  Track treatments
  Schedule follow-ups
Digital Prescription
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Doctor diary app is available for all devices

Doctor Diary offers a comprehensive healthcare companion for doctors, available as a web application and an Android application. Whether you prefer working on your computer or staying connected on your mobile device, Doctor Diary has you covered.

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