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Angular, C#, Telerik Reports , AWS , SQL , Xamarin

We developed a full solution for mystery dining bussiness. Digitalized the process of feedback collection and analyzed by implementing software .

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About Project

Before the development of our solution, Allow Me, our Australian client who owned a diner used to manage customer feedback through excel sheets for data processing and managing all reports manually based on data. They used to hand out these sheets hoping that their customers would fill them and leave them on the table for them to evaluate. But, of course, that didn’t used to be the case. Most of the patrons would leave without actually filling the forms. And even if they did fill the form, understanding and analyzing their feedback as a whole would be a cumbersome process since all the data points were scattered across tens and hundreds of feedback forms.

The whole project revolves around digitalizing the process of feedback collection and analysis by implementing software that allows the diners to fill the feedback forms through a smart device.

Client requirement

01/ Development of a client panel for self registration

02/ Development of a diner panel to fill feedback forms

03/ Development of admin panel to manage reports.

04/ Analytical Dashboard for client to study behaviour.

our solution

We proposed a solution where the business would be able to make data-driven decisions as the solutions collect, organize, and present data visually for the business owners.

The people visiting the restaurant would be given a survey form using the Saas-based platform Allow Me at the end of their dining experience. The diners then can to rate the service, food, the ambiance of the restaurant, etc. by filling the survey. They can also leave comments or select the option(s) where they think the restaurant needs to improve in the survey.

Once this step is done and the data is collected, the owner can visually see the data from all the customers who visited the restaurant over a certain period of time. Then the restaurant manager can access the data collected and make data-driven decisions to improve their service and grow their restaurant business faster than their competitors.

This app also allows the manager to view data visually as well as in the tabular form, making it easier for them to understand the data.

Industry: Mystery Shopping
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This app not only made the feedback collection frictionless for both parties but also made it much easier for the management to access the data and interpret the same. Moreover, the people filling in the feedback forms increased drastically providing the business owner a better and holistic understanding of the customers they are serving on a day-to-day basis.

We had created this app for a single restaurant owner in Australia and is now used by 100+ small and medium-sized businesses in Australia.