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We developed a complete travel destination management software with travel booking , hotel booking , itinerary planning.

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About Project

Fly Thai, a prominent destination management company, was facing challenges in their booking process. Their existing system lacked efficiency, making it cumbersome to manage hotel bookings, transportation pickups, and itinerary maintenance. The manual tracking of payments received from clients and payments made to hotels resulted in errors and delays.

Additionally, the generation of digital invoices, hotel vouchers, and itineraries was a time-consuming task, affecting overall operational productivity.

Client requirement

01/ Development of a user attractive website

02/ Development of a booking module

03/ Development of a payment module

04/ Development of a internal chat system

05/ Development of chat system for internal communication

our solution

To address Fly Thai's challenges, we implemented a comprehensive booking module that revolutionized their destination management process. The new system allowed seamless hotel bookings, transportation pickups, and itinerary management, ensuring a streamlined workflow. Integration with a robust payment tracking system enabled real-time monitoring of payments received from clients and payments made to hotels, reducing errors and improving financial transparency.

The implementation also included an automated documentation system. Digital invoices, hotel vouchers, and itineraries were generated instantly, eliminating the need for manual processing. This not only saved time but also enhanced the accuracy and professionalism of Fly Thai's client communications.

Industry: Travel & Tourism
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Technology & Team


The implementation of the new booking module brought about transformative results for Fly Thai. The streamlined process significantly reduced manual errors and improved overall operational efficiency. Real-time payment tracking facilitated better financial management, ensuring timely and accurate transactions. The automated documentation system not only saved time but also enhanced the customer experience by providing clients with instant access to digital invoices, hotel vouchers, and itineraries.

Fly Thai experienced a notable increase in client satisfaction due to the smoother booking process and the prompt delivery of necessary documentation. The company's internal operations saw increased productivity, allowing the team to focus more on delivering exceptional destination management services rather than grappling with administrative challenges. The success of the project positioned Fly Thai as a more competitive player in the industry, with a modernized and efficient booking system that sets them apart in the world of destination management.