04 Jun 2024

Innovative Technological Solutions in Fire Evacuation: Insights from Rajkot Fire Incident

Innovative Technological Solutions in Fire Evacuation: Insights from Rajkot Fire Incident

On the afternoon of May 25, a catastrophic fire broke out in the TRP Gaming Zone in Rajkot, Gujarat. The fire, ignited by a spark from a welding machine, quickly spread, engulfing the entire gaming zone. 

The inferno resulted in the tragic loss of at least 30 lives, with many more still missing. The gaming zone lacked a No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the fire safety department and did not have adequate fire fighting equipment, highlighting severe safety oversights.

Learning from Tragedy: The Role of Technology in Fire Safety

The Rajkot incident underscores the critical need for advanced technological solutions to enhance fire safety and emergency response. Modern technology can play a pivotal role in ensuring that such tragedies are prevented in the future by improving real-time communication, evacuation processes, and emergency assistance.

Case Study: Fire Evacuation System for London-Based Authorities

About the Project

At ARK Infosoft, In the context of ensuring safety on campus during both natural and unnatural disasters such as fires, earthquakes, and tsunamis, the development of a robust emergency response app becomes essential. 

Our project aimed to create an app that allows students, teachers, visitors, and employees to swiftly confirm their safety status and request emergency assistance when needed.

Client Requirements

  • Develop a comprehensive emergency response app tailored for the campus environment.

  • Enable users to swiftly confirm their safety status during various disasters like fires, earthquakes, tsunamis, and emergencies.

  • Provide functionality for users to request immediate emergency assistance through the app.

  • Implement real-time alert features to notify users of ongoing emergencies or safety protocols.

  • Facilitate easy communication between users and campus authorities or emergency services through the app.

Our Solution

We developed an emergency response app that ensures all individuals on campus receive immediate alerts via push notifications, SMS, and WhatsApp messages during any disasters or emergencies. 

Users can respond to alerts indicating whether they are safe or in need of help. Additionally, the app allows campus authorities to track the location of users in real-time, enabling them to monitor the safety status of everyone on campus and provide immediate assistance to those in need. 

This ensures a swift and effective response and support during critical situations, enhancing overall campus safety and security.

Technologies Used

  • .Net: For robust application development.

  • SQL: To manage and store user data securely.

  • SignalR: For real-time communication and updates.


The implementation of the Fire Evacuation System app resulted in:

  • Enhanced safety awareness and quick safety confirmations.

  • Prompt emergency response and effective rescue operations.

  • Heightened campus safety and user confidence.

  • Improved communication channels and a user-friendly interface.

Technological Innovations in Fire Safety

Real-Time Alerts and Notifications

A key feature of advanced fire evacuation systems is the ability to send real-time alerts and notifications. These alerts can be disseminated through various channels, including push notifications, SMS, and social media platforms, ensuring that all users are immediately informed of any danger. This rapid dissemination of information is crucial in minimizing response times and ensuring a coordinated evacuation.

Automated Evacuation Guidance

Automated evacuation guidance is another essential component of modern fire safety systems. By integrating building floor plans and utilizing real-time data, these systems can provide users with the safest and most efficient evacuation routes. 

This guidance helps to reduce confusion and panic, ensuring that individuals can exit the building swiftly and safely.

Emergency Assistance Features

The inclusion of emergency assistance features, such as panic buttons, allows users to request immediate help with the press of a button. These features can be linked to real-time location tracking, ensuring that emergency responders can quickly locate and assist those in need.

Improving Communication with Emergency Services

Effective communication with emergency services is critical during any disaster. Modern fire evacuation systems facilitate direct communication between users and emergency responders, enabling the sharing of real-time location data and other vital information. 

This improved communication ensures that emergency personnel can respond more effectively and efficiently.

Enhancing Campus Safety with Technology

The development of a comprehensive fire evacuation system can significantly enhance safety on campuses and other high-traffic environments. 

By leveraging technology to provide real-time updates, automated evacuation guidance, and direct communication channels, these systems can ensure a swift and coordinated response to emergencies.


The tragic fire in Rajkot serves as a powerful reminder of the importance of stringent fire safety measures and the role of technology in enhancing emergency response. 

By learning from this incident and embracing advanced technological solutions, we can prevent future tragedies and ensure the safety of all individuals in the face of emergencies.

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