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Hiring A Reactjs Developer? Consider These Things First

App development has become an extremely crucial aspect of a business, it’s your business’ virtual identity. So it’s only natural that businesses are so cautious when it comes to hiring developers for their projects. Because of Reactjs popularity, there is a large pool of Reactjs developers available for hire. However, the decision of hiring a Reactjs developer isn’t an easy one because you can’t tell how good a developer will prove to be for you without serious considerations of certain aspects. In this blog, I talk about those important considerations and also throw some light on whether you should hire a freelance Reactjs developer or a Reactjs Development Company.

What does a Reactjs developer do?

To make an informed decision, here’s a quick run-through of what a Reactjs developer does

  • Reactjs developers leverage the features of this exhaustive library to build intuitive UIs. These UIs are simpler to debug with more predictable views.
  • A Reactjs developer builds holistic components that can manage their own states. That’s because React is a component-based library that speeds up the front-end development process.
  • Reactjs developers utilize reusable components in React so they can use one code for all the similar features in the application.
  • Reactjs developers are responsible for creating a complete, bug-free application with high performance. They are also required to build any additional plug-ins and take care of the app maintenance.

Top skills to look for while hiring a Reactjs developer

Regardless of how versatile the Reactjs library is, it won’t develop an application by itself. It takes a highly skilled Reactjs developer to build an efficient React app. Following are the absolute must skills that you should look for while hiring a Reactjs developer


Reactjs is a library for front-end development. So, the very basic skills required in a Reactjs developer are HTML and CSS development. However, you don’t want to hire someone who knows just enough. Instead, hire Reactjs developers who can build interfaces that entice and engage. This requires an in-depth understanding of the design principles.

Ideally, you should look for developers who are proficient in working with advanced HTML and CSS tools.

  1. JSX and other Reactjs components

To make the most out of this versatile front-end library, Reactjs developers must be comfortable working with JSX, virtual DOM, and component life-cycle.

  1. Third-party tools to complement Reactjs libraries

In addition to in-built libraries, Reactjs developers must also have excellent command over technologies like Redux, React Router, Create React App, Material Kit React, and more.

  1. Best practices for clean code

You may need to on-board other developers to work on your application. So it’s vital that the Reactjs developer who writes the original code ensures code clarity and cohesiveness.

Soft skills to look for while hiring a Reactjs developer

So to ensure you hire an offshore Reactjs developer who is smart enough to understand and share your vision, look for the following soft skills,

  • Understanding and analyzing project requirements and deliverables
  • When you hire a Reactjs developer, you should hire the one who is capable of translating your project requirements into technical and performative specifications.
  • Developers who share the same vision of the deliverables as you are highly likely to build an application that your customers love to use!
  • Planning tasks and sprints efficiently

Regardless of whether the developer is going to work under your project management team, they should be able to plan their own tasks and stick to the time frame agreed upon.

For that reason, it’s vital that you look for Reactjs developers who are expert in sprint planning. They should also be able to use the best task management software to share the progress reports of the sprints.

Ability to take constructive criticism and implement it in their work

Constructive criticism is an essential aspect of emotional intelligence that helps people work well with teams. While hiring a Reactjs developer, ask a few questions to gauge how well the candidate has been able to improve their work with the help of feedback in the past.

In the absence of this skill, getting the desired work done by an offshore Reactjs developer becomes tedious.

Problem-solving skills

Software Development is as much about solving the pain points of the user as much as building just software. So look for Reactjs developers who are great at problem-solving.

Those skills are required at every stage of Reactjs development - from choosing the right tools and building an appealing UI to facilitating an intuitive user experience in the app.

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