13 Feb 2024

What's New In .NET 8

What's New In .NET 8

What's New In .NET 8
ASP.NET Core within the .NET 8 framework Provides a comprehensive solution for contemporary web development, seamlessly addressing all aspects from frontend to backend. Utilizing the power of Blazor, it enables the creation of visually appealing and highly interactive web experiences. Simultaneously, its capabilities extend to crafting high-performance backend APIs and services renowned for their reliability and security. Customized for the development of cloud-native applications, ASP.NET Core in .NET 8 is complemented by robust tooling in both Visual Studio and Visual Studio Code, Enhancing developer productivity. With this integration, ASP.NET Core in .NET 8 empowers every developer to embrace the role of a full-stack developer, fostering a seamless and efficient development experience.


Get started

To commence your ASP.NET Core journey in .NET 8, initiate the process by installing the .NET 8 SDK. Additionally, Visual Studio 2022 includes .NET 8, and compatibility is ensured in Visual Studio Code through the C# Dev Kit.

For those Exploring into ASP.NET Core for the first time, kickstart your learning expedition by visiting https://asp.net. This platform offers a comprehensive exploration of ASP.NET Core's capabilities, providing a valuable resource to begin your learning journey.


What is new in .NET 8?




.NET 8 Container Enhancements – More secure, compact, and productive

Package your applications with containers more easily and more securely than ever with .NET.  Each .NET image comes with a non-root user by default, promoting heightened container security through a straightforward one-line configuration. The .NET SDK tooling facilitates the publication of container images without the need for a Dockerfile, maintaining a non-root configuration as the default setting. Accelerate the deployment of your containerized applications by leveraging smaller .NET base images, including experimental variants that achieve genuinely minimal application sizes through native AOT (Ahead-of-Time) compilation. Optionally, fortify security further with the introduction of Chiseled Ubuntu image variants, reducing your attack surface. Whether employing Dockerfiles or SDK tooling, effortlessly build applications and container images for any architecture, streamlining your development and deployment processes.


Artificial Intelligence – Infuse AI into your .NET applications

Transforming the landscape of artificial intelligence, generative AI and expansive language models are reshaping the AI domain, empowering developers to craft Unique AI-driven experiences within their applications. With .NET 8, incorporating AI becomes effortless, thanks to its first-class out-of-the-box AI features integrated seamlessly into the .NET SDK and compatibility with various tools. This facilitates a Simplified and accessible approach for developers to Utilize the power of AI in their applications.


Blazor – Build full stack web applications with .NET 

In .NET 8, Blazor brings the power of both server and client capabilities to comprehensively address all your web UI requirements, creating a full-stack web UI solution. With a focus on optimizing page load times, scalability, and enhancing the user experience, developers can seamlessly incorporate both Blazor Server and Blazor WebAssembly within the same application. This dynamic integration facilitates automatic runtime shifts from server to client, providing a versatile approach.

Gaining advantages from several enhancements, including a "Jiterpreter"-based runtime and new built-in components, your .NET code executes significantly faster on WebAssembly. This contributes to improved performance and responsiveness.

As part of the overarching improvements in authentication, authorization, and identity management within .NET 8, Blazor now offers support for generating a complete Blazor-based Identity UI. This enhancement adds to the framework's capabilities, providing developers with robust tools for implementing secure and seamless user authentication and authorization processes.


.NET 8 support across Visual Studio family of tools

Empowering your development workflow and allowing you to Utilize the capabilities of .NET 8, our Collection of exceptional tools ensures optimal productivity. In tandem with the release of .NET 8, the Visual Studio 2022 17.8 version introduces support for .NET 8, integrates C# 12 language enhancements, and incorporates various new features aimed at enhancing overall productivity.

For those eager to explore and swiftly experiment with the runtime, Visual Studio Code coupled with the C# Dev Kit provides an excellent entry point. This combination is accessible on Linux, macOS, and within GitHub Codespaces, offering a versatile environment for learning and testing.


.NET 8 providing developers with a powerful and versatile framework for building a wide range of applications. With performance enhancements, language improvements, and advancements in key frameworks like ASP.NET Core and Blazor, .NET 8 is a compelling choice for modern software development. Embrace the future of development with .NET 8 and elevate your coding experience to new heights!

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